Everything you need to know about lotteries

Lotteries are extremely well known and loved. Each of the person knows at least one person who plays the lottery at least occasionally. Now, in the age of technology, lotteries have moved from landfills to online ones. With this innovation, the boundaries of lottery bets have opened up to international lotteries as well.


What are lotteries?

Lotteries are a board game in which participants bet on various numbers from a certain range. After the participants choose their favorite numbers, a draw takes place, which can be done both manually (eg a person draws the winning numbers from a bowl) and technologically (eg the numbers are entered in an online program that draws numbers in random mode). Those who bet on the drawn numbers win money, depending on the number of correct numbers played and the bet used.

The most popular online lotteries

Certainly, the most popular land lotteries are those organized for decades, 6/49 and 5/40. However, worldwide, there are a multitude of other lotteries. 

Online lotto bets

You can bet on any lottery you want directly from the comfort of your home. All you need to start your online adventure is an account opened at one of the bookmakers that offers the possibility of lottery bets (you can find details below). Online, you can choose the lottery you like the most, your favorite stake, but also the desired system. For example, you can invest 1 dollar in 2 or 3 numbers in a 20/80 lottery and, at the same time, you can invest a larger amount, such as 10 or 20 dollar, in a single number in the same bookie Singapore lottery. Another conclusive example can be represented by the bets that give you a much higher chance of winning the 10/20 lotteries, where you can bet on 1-2 numbers, which have a much higher probability of being drawn.

How to win the lottery – popular strategies

Martingales on lotto numbers The Martingale strategy is probably the most popular betting scheme, including sports betting, not just lottery betting. The mechanism of operation of this strategy is very simple: after each lost ticket you will double the stake. The moment you win you start over.

However, if you manage to win a ticket every day (playing only one) at the end of the month, you will have a profit of 174 dollars. This way you will allow yourself to increase the stake to 3 dollars next month and you will be able to evolve in the same way. Whereas if you play 2 dollars on tickets with very high odds, most likely at the end of the month you will lose 60 dollars.

It is important to play calculated and not aim to get rich overnight. Playing calculated means that if you generally play 1-5 dollars per ticket after winning a ticket you do not have to increase the stake.


The main conclusion is that in the lottery online there is no strategy or a 100% sure winning scheme, as we do not have such a thing in betting either.

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