Everything You Need To Know About Online Gambling

Gambling means to wager money on an event. The peculiarity of gambling live online casino malaysia is the uncertainty that comes with the outcomes of the event. Online gambling involves gambling via the internet. It consists of playing casino games, poker, or sports betting.

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Before the arrival and popularity of online casinos, only one functional gambling software was the first gambling software that was fully functional. The software was developed by Microgaming and encrypted by CyptoLogic. Secure transactions became possible and led to the arrival of the first online casino in 1994.

1994- A Free Trade & Processing Act was passed to allow organizations to open online casinos.

1996- A gambling commission was established, the Kahn awake Gaming Commission, to promote the fairness and transparency of licensed online gambling sites.

1997- Online gambling websites increased from 15 websites to 200 websites.

1998- Online gambling revenues exceeded $830 million. Also, the first online poker rooms were introduced.

1999- Introduction of Multiplayer online gambling

2000- Illegalization of unlicensed online casinos by the Australian federal government. Only one casino operated legally in Australia.

2001- The growth of players increased massively to 8 million despite the legal challenges of the game.

2008- A revenue of 21 billion dollars was the then online gambling revenue.

2016- Prediction of the online gambling market to reach $45.86 billion by 2016 and rise to $56.05 billion by 2018.

2018- Legalization of sports betting by the Supreme court in the United States.

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Growth of Online Gambling

Asides from the fact that the covid-19 pandemic led to a massive increase in the online gambling market, advancement in technology is also a key factor in this increase. Devices such as smartphones and apps have made technological advancement available to everyone. Also, there’s a record of an increase in the trust levels of gamblers paying online, https://www.122joker.net/my/en-us/product/livecasino another major factor in the growth of online gambling. The increase in the digitization of the world today has recorded massive growth in many regions of the world today.


Secrets To A Successful Online Gambling

  1. Do not bet randomly. Since betting is played as a game sometimes, it is expedient that you don’t take it with fun if you truly want to make money out of it. Research had shown that beginners in betting bet randomly, especially when they just lost money to the game. They try to put more money and gamble more to recover their losses, but they end up losing more. 
  2. Calculate your chances of winning. This is done by calculating the probability of times each number of the cards appear. This doesn’t guarantee your betting success all the time. What this does is that it helps you predict and quickly detect bad bets and also good bets.


Self-control is an important virtue that must be possessed by anyone who wants to go into gambling. Just having self-control is not enough; having enough self-control is needed. A player that doesn’t have enough self-control would lose more money than such a player wins.


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